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Liron Rafael, alias Birdi, was born in 1988 in Israel.

The paintings are taken from the worlds of the spirit, and Archtypes of the psych based on temporary foundations. The inspiration to paint is from a strong desire to capture the moment, to document the soul through elements of the past and the future and how they affect the present.

The paintings are carefully made on 100% cotton canvas or on linen.

Birdi simply paints what she likes, bright royal blue colors that remind her of a childhood photo from a family trip to California, a Roman blessing called "Neptune's pool" from the Hearst Castle, Greek statues in an ancient paradise faded memory, animals from nature, Buddhist children. All the characters that are chosen are linked to a memory or an emotion that left a mark that can only be conveyed through dreamy skies, clouds and Disney characters.

The movement approach through yoga and Zen is part of a complete integrative point of view, by combining a different way of thinking with active action that actually expresses itself through painting.

"The painting is a tool for me to explain something complex in a way that is materially more complex but simple to understand and solves many, many questions about the very existence.

The paintings are an extraction of combining thoughts and ideas, a huge amount of raw colors and different techniques of using materials.

In order for a creation to take place it has to build itself, there is no doubt that this detail adds many layers and preparations of the work surface, the combination of the different materials is done in stages using techniques that Birdi developed and discovered during years of experimenting and wondering.

Birdi uses contemporary materials and classic oil techniques.

Some of the materials-

Graffiti spray paint, pencil colors, dry pastels, oil pastels, sand from the beaches of Israel, pure ink, raw acrylic and oil paints.
Birdi is working on her ancient paradise series, and on her abstract series "Black Holes"
Today, Birdi paints for private clients, pre-orders paintings according to size and special requests in a personal and individual process with the client.

She also collaborates on special projects with her life partner, the graffiti artist and tattoo artist Edgar Rafael,

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Ezra S't Pardes number 3 Pardes Hanna, israel 
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