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 This series is a part of a body of work that I created called Ancient Paradise. 

Made with oil colors, graffiti spray paint, oil pastels, modeling paste, acrylic paints and 24 k gold leaf and liquid gold 

Canvas 195 cm * 150 cm // 76 inch * 59 inch 


The ostrich Totem spirit animal is a large ancient bird that holds great essence and quality of love bloom and true inner strength  In fact, the ostrich spiritual totem lays the largest eggs out of all of the other birds on the planet. ... Since they were so large they were a symbol for wealth, abundance, and fertility in all aspects of life. 
Choosing an ostrich as your totem spirit animal means you are fulfilling great goals and dreams in your life.

Clohe’ // The Ostrich 

 A series of paintings of “Totem Animals”.

studio view
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